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    The AMU sensor will complement the overload protection with angle measurement of the wire rope or measure the angle of the crane boom.
    Some of the Features :
    Control the angle via limits for maximum allowed angle or in conjunction with force and angle, to avoid wear of the wire ropes.
    Sensor is clamped on to the wire, with the supplied clamping plate or directly on the crane boom.
    Has a resolution of 0.1°.
    This excellent device further improves your safety and saves and protects wire ropes.

    CSM is a complete PLC based evaluation unit for overload, slack rope, imbalance protection, load time registration and summarized loads.
    Some of the Features :
    Provides a user friendly operation. The unit is delivered programmed and adjusted to your required parameters from factory.
    Is compatible with the functions: Jib control, Angle control, Oblique pull control (side pull control), Load summation.
    Interfaces (options): USB, RS-485, 4-20mA, 0-10 VDC, Profinet, Profibus.
    The CSM functions, software and hardware are specifically designed for cranes.

    LKVE is an electronic force transmitter/overload guard which is attached to a stationary rope part.
    Some of the Features :
    Is not directly included in the rope system and does not interfere with the construction of the lifting equipment.
    made for use in aggressive industrial environments and fully conforms to IP 67.
    available in a range for forces up to 16 Ton in single rope part and for max. 44 mm rope diameter.

    LKV is an mechanical overload protection by using spring washers totally free from wear.
    Some of the Features :
    It is fully pressure tight, well protected against dust, dirt, damp, frost and other atmospheric conditions.
    Is not directly included in the rope system and does not interfere with the construction of the lifting equipment.
    The power-absorbing element consists of specially made Belleville washers dimensioned to resist fatigue.
    Available in a range for forces up to 16 Ton in single rope part and for max. 44 mm rope diameter.
    Maintenance free.

    No Swing is an automated control unit for the frequency converter of an overhead crane. The sensor continuously measures the crane's hoisting cables to ensure that they remain in a vertical position.
    Some of the Features :
    It speeds up lifts considerably, making production more efficient.
    Reduces risks significantly, thus helping to avoid industrial accidents.
    NoSwing prevents overhead cranes from being used incorrectly (e.g. as a result of dragging instead of lifting). It even works in strong winds.

    Anti-Collision System (Microwave based) for track bound cranes (EOT) in heavy duty industrial environment
    Some of the Features :
    By using an unique technology of microwaves to detect each other, one system protects two cranes.
    Working Range 2-45 mtr.
    Fail-safe, easy to install.
    Robust and maintenance free.
    Avoids crane accidents and Protects Property, Production and People.
    System is not disturbed by rain, dust/metal particles, fog or sunlight.

    Automatic Safety Hook automatically hooks up, safety locks and releases
    Some of the Features :
    It can safely be managed by the operator alone.
    Reduces the risk for injury is dramatically. No personnel is required in the dangerous loading or drop zone.
    Is easy to operate, has rugged design and a high reliability.
    Available in 2,5,10,15,20,27 ton capacity.

    Dynamometer is used for weighing and measuring mechanical forces
    Some of the Features :
    It is fully pressure tight and each instrument is pressure tested.
    Can be equipped for remote reading or contact functions.
    Equally suitable for use in the laboratory as out in the field.
    Measure tension forces up to 50 ton.

    The RTM is a delicate testing instrument for swift, handy and accurate testing of pre tensioned stationary ropes.
    Some of the Features :
    The RTM is applied direct to the rope end the measured tension value is presented digitally.
    Used in applications where accurate measurement in pre loaded wire ropes is required.
    Measure tension forces up to 20 ton and for wire ropes with a diameter of up to 38 mm.
    It can temporarily be overloaded with100% of its nominal capacity without affecting the accuracy of the instrument.