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  • TOSHIBA Premium Efficiency motors

    Ranging from 0.37 kW to 900 kW Premium efficiency motors are available in three options i.e. Ex e-Increased Safety, Ex n – Non sparking Motors for Hazardous area & DIP – Dust –excluding Ignition Proof.
    Some of the Features :
    Heavy duty construction.
    Premium efficiency laminations.
    Low loss stator winding.
    High torque rotor.
    Low noise level.
    Long life bearing.
  • TOSHIBA High efficiency 21st century motors

    Rating : 185kW to 800kW (200V-1100V) 2,4,6 Pole (Specials available). Protection Classification IP55-IP66.
    Some of the Features :
    Energy saving.
    Infinite customization flexibility.
    Heavy duty construction.
    Low noise design.
    Corrosion -resistant finish.
  • TOSHIBA Explosion protected motors

    Rating : 0.18kW to 700kW(200V-1100V)2,4,6,8 Pole(Specials Available).Protection classification IP55-IP66 Ex d certified to current Australian Standards .
    Some of the Features :
    Suitable for industrial application.
    Side or top mounting of terminal box.
    Foot mounting customization.
  • GIGASENSE Anti-collision system

    Gigasense Anti-collision system is a fail-safe(microwave technology) device for track bound crane(EOT)or similar equipment in tough industrial environment.
    Some of the Features :
    Cuts crane repairs downtime and costs.
    Easy & quick to install.
    Maintenance free.
    Helps protect people & property.
  • PIAB Dynamometers

    For the measurement and control of force in tension and weight . Capacity 2500 N to 10 kN, Accuracy 0.6% of the max capacity.
    Some of the Features :
    Designed to suit both laboratory & Industrial use.
    Safety Factor 5:1(i.e. guarantee to withstand 5 times full scale reading without rupture).
    Corrosion Resistant.
    Remote Reading.
    Built-on adjustable contact head.